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Are all the images really free?
Yes, totally free, but please read our terms of use before downloading.

What happened to my account?
As of December 2012 the site has been completely reworked to try and make it easier and friendlier to use for both photographers and users. One of the benefits of that is no more signing up and logging in to download, so all account information has now been deleted.

Can I use the images for a commercial project?
Yes you can, they are free for both commercial and personal use, but please check our terms of use for restrictions. The images are not for resale or redistribution.

Can I alter the images to suit my needs?
Of course, but use of the images will still be subject to our terms of use.

I want to use the images for a print project, what size can they be printed?
Most of our images are a minimum of 2400 x 1600px, which at 300dpi will print at 20 x 13.5cm, or at 8 x 5 inches. And, in many cases, you will get away with making them 30% larger than that. Newer images are far higher resolution so will be even better.

Have you got an image of X, Y or Z?
Do a search, using the form in the black header panel at the top of the page, if you don’t get the result you want, then, unfortunately, no, probably not. However, we are expanding rapidly, so check back again frequently.

Can I upload my images to
Many thanks to all the users who contributed to the site by uploading their own images, but as of the May 2009, user uploads were no longer allowed and all user uploaded images were deleted.